Tips for Applying Our Deodorant

Organic deodorants are often different in texture and consistency from conventional deodorants and antiperspirants. They have a creamy, dense texture while conventional deodorants are often gel-like or leave you with a wet feeling. Because of this difference, there can be an adjustment period while you get used to the application process. 

Here are a few tips to help you improve the application experience:

  1. Apply to warm skin. Often immediately, or soon after you’ve bathed, as your skin is warm and the stick will glide on more smoothly.

  2. Apply the deodorant slowly and firmly, allowing it to warm against your skin.

  3. Apply to entire underarm region, covering 2 inches from the middle outward, to ensure proper coverage.

We believe that these little tips will help your deodorant last longer and be more effective when applied this way. 

*Note: In colder months, or if the deodorant is stored in a cool area, the stick can be warmed up easily by applying a few seconds of heat from a hair dryer to the top of an open stick.